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in the studio talking about “sorry”

im a bit boreed and i thought id write a new blog… why cuz i can lol just writing some lyrics and i thought well whats the meaning of this song im writing well here is what the dictionary says about the title of the song


You say `Sorry‘ or `I’m sorry‘ as a way of apologizing to someone for something that you have done which has upset them or caused them difficulties, or when you bump into them accidentally. CONVENTION formulae
  • `We’re all talking at the same time.’—`Yeah. Sorry.’
  • Sorry I took so long.
  • Sorry for barging in like this.
  • I’m really sorry if I said anything wrong.
  • I’m sorry to call so late, but I need a favour.
  • The next morning she came into my room and said she was sorry

i think this sums up the song quite well in my eyes

the song is about about God grace and love and how he sent his only son to go and die for use all i think thats quite a nice thing to do to scafices you only son so that he can takeaway all our sin from use so that we could be together with God and i thought this is somthing i hold quite close to my heart as ive opnly been christian for 4 years and before then i didnt know God and this is why i write this song 🙂 becasue it is something close to my heart.


studio up date 2

yo sitting in solent uni library and bored from doing work so thought id write a new blog lol was in the studio today on my own for a hour and a half just rerecording the bass and the guitars for the song sorrie. The song is starting to come together quite well i’m prob gona put some midi drums to it for the time being soon but eh track in just under 8minutes long o.0 lol which means i have written a prog song lol ( i wish) there is a guitar solo in the song which i am quite happy with needs a bit of work on it but im sure ill get there by the time i finish it 🙂 i shall be uploading a vlog on to youtube some time soon (prob in the next few days) which has a nice clip of me playing the bass for the song which hopefully will give you a idea of that the song sound’s like but you’ll have to wate and see to hear the final peace.

song list so far and other stuff on album

yo this is my very first post and its just some info for those who would like to know about my album im doing currently there are 3 fully writen songs which are as followed




a bit of info on each song for ya now


this song is the song that my first studio blog is about but all of the tracking from that 2 hour session isnt being used ( my luck) but i can say that the song is 6 minutes 30 seconds long and thats the first demo take of it so it will prob be longer.


this song was originally a instrumental track that i played a few times at my church back in Jersey (not New Jersey U.S.A but Jersey C.I) but it finally got some lyrics after some long time praying . this song is in 3/4 to u musicians out there. this song was originally written as a none christian worship song but a love song but it just changed in the writing proses and ended up as one of my favorite songs to play which i wrote.


What to say about this song lol its the newest of all 3 song naming i write it this week i’ve taking song lyrics from the bible mainly from psalm 23 and john 3.16 as they are parts of the bible( all of the bible is good but for this song i thought they worked quite well) and thats all i can really say about the song .

hopefully a studio update will be soon video and written and maybe a bible verse of the week as well for  a laugh.

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