song list so far and other stuff on album

yo this is my very first post and its just some info for those who would like to know about my album im doing currently there are 3 fully writen songs which are as followed




a bit of info on each song for ya now


this song is the song that my first studio blog is about but all of the tracking from that 2 hour session isnt being used ( my luck) but i can say that the song is 6 minutes 30 seconds long and thats the first demo take of it so it will prob be longer.


this song was originally a instrumental track that i played a few times at my church back in Jersey (not New Jersey U.S.A but Jersey C.I) but it finally got some lyrics after some long time praying . this song is in 3/4 to u musicians out there. this song was originally written as a none christian worship song but a love song but it just changed in the writing proses and ended up as one of my favorite songs to play which i wrote.


What to say about this song lol its the newest of all 3 song naming i write it this week i’ve taking song lyrics from the bible mainly from psalm 23 and john 3.16 as they are parts of the bible( all of the bible is good but for this song i thought they worked quite well) and thats all i can really say about the song .

hopefully a studio update will be soon video and written and maybe a bible verse of the week as well for  a laugh.


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