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to solo or not to solo?

once again it’s late at night and i am bored so i thought id give you all a small in sight in to me musically just to make it easier for people to read ill put it in points lol

this is probably my weakest link is the fact that I’m not the best singer in the world + like all singers i don’t like my own voice but i am trying every time i sing to try and get my vocals better every time i sing but because I’m not that great a singer i am having different people sing on my songs I’m recording/ and if ur lucky (or unlucky ) i may even put out a track or 2 with my vocals on

i am a guitarist by trade happily i have been playing for nearly 5 years now and yes it is the instrument i write most of my tracks on. i play a hand made Les Paul style guitar which i built my self ( well my dad made it for me) and this is my main electric guitar on the songs i record and i do love it to bits my playing style is (in my eyes) a very simple style now I’m not trying to insult any 1 here but i take a big bite of my sound from the edge from U2 because i like to keep things simple but have then uniqueness to it which not many people can get and i think the edge does amazingly with just a delay pedal.

as u guessed by the name of this entry i am a man with many questions and 1 question i ask my self on every track i write is should there be a solo in it on guitar. well as i said i like to keep it simple on guitar but to be frank some times you need a solo in a song even worship songs . the reason i thin k this is because they can add so much feeling in to a song but still keep it together, this is why i do solo every now and there but i can say that its only when the song needs it rather then adding in 500 notes a second to make it sound “cool”


week 3 days

yes while i writing this blog there is only 10 days before the international release of my first single sorrie . i recorded the drums for it last week which put the final time on the track to 7 minutes and 51 seconds which is really cool and the lyrics have been finished which means i am re recording the lyrics this Thursday which is really cool . ive also got a singer in who’s name is Kathryn Anderson i do fully recommend u check out her youtube which is so do listen to her cuz she’s a really good singer( well in my eye’s she is) and i feel so privileged to have her on my first single but yes it shall be gd 🙂