i really don’t know what to put about my self here lol its been a long time scenes ive had to write about myself and im not very good at it ether lol here some basic facts about me

Name: Ashleigh Ubsdell

age at time of writing this :20

belief: Christian AKA Jesus saved my life and i love and thank him for it every day

why the blog: i made this blog becasue i could lol na really i made this blog becasue i write alot of worship music and record it aswell and i wanted to write up on what i am doing in the studio or how im realeaseing my music so people can find it and lishen to it + i like to rant about things and this is in my eyes a good way to let off steam on a bad day( happly not happened yet)

fevorite music: hillsong being a big inflance along with tim hughes al gordan and ben cantelon, pillar likin park flyleaf


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